("Switzerland and abroad"), Video 4:08, Mauritius February 2016

Recommendation for a vote with regard to the "enforcement initiative" by Dr. Alois B. Stocher. The video is a satirical comment on the (supposed) arguments and facts of the supporters of this xenophobic intitiative by the Swiss People's Party (SVP).


Background: On the 28. February 2016, Swiss voters had to decide on a popular initiative that represented a serious and unprecedented attack on the constitutional state in that country. The so-called initiative "on the enforcement of the expulsion of foreign criminals (the enforcement initiative)" demanded that people without Swiss passports and who are found guilty of an offence be automatically deported. This would extend to petty offences that would entail a fine for people with Swiss passports. This double standard before the law would create an apartheid-like legal system. 

Original Video without ENG subs:

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Various media, various events. 

Basel 2011

Satirical and subversive actions and interventions with numerous participants, 3.5. to 19.6.2011. launch of the fictional organization "Christian humanitarian asylum-self-help organization" (CHASOS); national campaign (posters, brochure, website, videos, TV, blogs and newspapers), national petition for ‚art displacement‘, performances with the fictional character pastor Wilfried Stocher, implementation of the installation "refugee camp Halle32" at the SWISS ART AWARDS-exhibition

during ART BASEL.

TV-Documentation with Eng. subs: ARD Tagesthemen | SWR
Propaganda-Video with Eng. subs: Prevention Campaign for Refugees

Facebook: Wilfried Stocher

Performance at Art Basel with Eng. subs: Pentecost Sermon

Petition "Kunstverlagerung":



A guided tour through the old town of Bern with a large group of apparent "tourists" (consisting of around 30 asylum seekers and sans-papiers). The guide (embodied by Andreas Heusser) is showing them typical Swiss places like the Grocery Store 'Migros', a bakery, a restaurant, a bank, an administration building etc., while explaining the customs and peculiarities of the Swiss population, providing a wealth of statistic datas and rather astonishing facts.

Performance on invitation of the Bone Festival (Schlachthaus Bern), 1.12.2011, developed and directed by Marina Belobrovaja.




Various medias, various events. In cooperation with Nüssli / Oeschger, 2011, Zürich

Satirical and subersive actions and interventions with various participants, 4.8. - 28.11.10. Launch of the fictional "Organisation zur Lösung der Ausländerfrage" (OLAF / Organization for the solution of the foreigner question) with a national campaign (posters, website, brochures, propaganda videos, press announcements and reports in newspapers, blogs, radio, TV), public appearances with the fictional characters Dr. Alois Stocher (Andreas Heusser) and George Klein (Christof Nüssli), national call for a "Volksbefreiung" (people's liberation) with interactive deportation charts, interventions at press conferences,  and implementation of the happening "Nationaler Sammeltag für Ausländer" (collection day for foreigners) at the parliament square

in Bern. 

TV-Documentation with Engl. Subs: SF1 Kulturplatz | ARD Tagesthemen

Facebook: Alois Stocher

Propaganda videos with Engl. Subs: OLAF – what is it?Call for People's LiberationCall for National Collection Day


Intervention by Andreas Heusser, Angela Hausheer, Brigitte Müller, Klakla Wojtek, Bern Bundesplatz, 6.10.2010.


Each of us had 10 x 1 CHF coins which we tried to give away to someone who might need or want it. Despite our tireless efforts, we only managed 11 times in 3 hours to get rid of a coin.


«Pardon! Tschuldigung! Hettet Sie ächt en Schtutz welle?»

«I speak English»

«Do you wanna have a franc?»

«Do I wanna have a franc?»


«I have a lot.»

«So you don‘t need?»



Various medias, various events.

In cooperation with Nüssli / Oeschger, Zürich 2009.


Satirical political actions, 10. - 29.11.2009.

Launch of the fictional organization "Kriegsentwicklungshilfe" (KEH / War development aid) with national campaign (website, brochures, propaganda videos, press announcements and reports in newspapers), public appearances with the fictional characters Dr. Alois Stocher (Andreas Heusser) and George Klein (Christoph Nüssli), and implementation of the happening "Nationaler Waffensammeltag" (national collection day for weapons) at Helvetia Square, Zurich.

Propaganda videos with Eng. subs: National Weapons Collection Day, Wort zum Sonntag (A christian commentary on current affairs)


Happenings in public space, Zürich, 27.8.10  und 21.5.11.


Voluntary by-passers obey to seemingly harmless instructions while they reenact unknowingly the famous torture scenes of the Abu Ghraib scandal. The Swiss photographer Désirée Good takes pictures of the "living pictures" performed by the by-passers, afterwards the images are sold as postcards at a nearby souvenir corner.