Andreas Heusser is a conceptual artist and cultural entrepreneur, born 1976 in Zurich.


He currently lives and works in Zurich and Johannesburg.


Kunsthalle Bratislava, Slovak Union, 10/2019

Valie Export Center, Linz, 10/2019

Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Lissabon, Portugal, 11/2018

Espacio Naranjo, Madrid, Spain, 11/2018

Espacio Oculto, Madrid, Spain, 11/2018

La Station – Gare des Mines, Paris, France, 11/2018

Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona, Spain, 10/2018

Galería Antítesis, Panama City, 01/2018

Galería Despacio, San José, Costa Rica, 12/2017

Galería Códice, Managua, Nicaragua, 12/2017

Museo para la Identidad Nacional, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 12/2017

Museo de Arte de El Salvador (MARTE), San Salvador, El Salvador, 12/2017

 Galería El Sótano, Guatemala City, Guatemala, 11/2017

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca (MACO), Oaxaca, Mexico, 11/2017

Galería Ladrón, Mexico City, Mexico, 11/2017

Museum of Emptiness (Moe), St. Gallen, Switzerland, 09/2017

Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles, USA, 10/2016

Cult | Aimee Friberg Exhibitions, San Francisco, USA, 10/2016

CCA Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, USA, 10/2016

Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, USA, 09/2016

Fort Gondo, St. Louis, USA, 09/2016 

Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago, USA, 09/2016

Spread Arts Gallery, Detroit, USA, 09/2016

Fresh Window Gallery, New York, USA, 08/2016

Scrap Metal Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 09/2016 

Enriched Bread Artists, Ottawa, Canada, 08/2016

Die Diele, Zürich, Switzerland, 08/2016-9/2016

56. Biennale di Venezia, Salon Suisse / Palazzo Trevisan and Lido, Venice, Italy, 10/2015 

Lauba Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia, 10/2015

Chimera-Project Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 10/2015

Umelka Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia, 09/2015

Vienna Contemporary, International Art Fair, Austria, 09/2015

#Poligon Art Space, Warschau, Poland, 09/2015

Luda Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia, 09/2015

Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland, 08/2015

Tenthaus, Project Space, Oslo, Norway, 08/2015

Sixtyeight, Project Space, Copenhagen, Denmark, 08/2015

Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany, 08/2015 

Island, Project Space, Hamburg, Germany, 08/2015

Wolfart Project Space, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 08/2015

Museum Strauhof, Zürich, Switzerland, 07/2015

The Institute, Zürich, Switzerland, 05/2015


"City of Zurich Art Awards", Helmhaus Zürich, Switzerland, 07/2019

"Ours Is Not The Only Planet Earth Has Been", Ballroom Projects, Chicago, USA, 10/2016

Czech Republic – d.i.v.o. Institute, Kolin, Czech Republic, 09/2015

Survival K(n)it Festival 7, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga, Latvia, 09/2015

Kling-Festival, Mansbach, Germany, 08/2015

"Vitrine 05", Die Diele, Zürich, Switzerland, 12/2015

Kabinett der Visionäre, Chur, Switzerland, 06/2015

Doing Nothing Festival, Dock 18, Rote Fabrik, Zürich, Switzerland, 5/2015

"Vitrine 04", Die Diele, Zürich, Switzerland, 12/2014

 "Vitrine 03", Die Diele, Zürich, Switzerland, 12/2013

"Show Me Show Me Show Me", CentrePasqArt, Biel, Switzerland, 6/2013

Swiss Art Awards, Art Basel, Switzerland, 6/2011

Werkpreis Kanton Zürich, F+F Schule, Zürich, Switzerland, 10/2011


► ► current 

► ► past


LITERATURFESTIVAL ZÜRICH (Zurich Literature Festival)

International literature festival (annual, 1 week) in Zurich

in cooperation with Literaturhaus Zürich and Kaufleuten. 
The program focuses on premieres and readings with internationally acclaimed authors. The main stage is set in the middle of lush nature in the magnificent Old Botanical Garden. Founder and Director, since 2013.


The world's first museum dedicated to nothing. Its collection includes around 500 works and documents from over 150 international artists. The museum has committed itself to the mission to spread nothing all over the globe. Founder and Director, since 2015.



Project Space for performative and transdisciplinary arts in Zurich. Various artists collectives contribute with weekly events and performances to its public program which also includes transdisciplinary research and workshops. Founded and run since 2013 by Pablo Assandri and Andreas Heusser.


International artist-in-residence programme in Zurich.
The Residency lasts over the course of 8 weeks and is open to all artists of various disciplines and experience. Founder and Co-Director, since 2010.

. Concert venue / cultural institution / nightlife location. Programme director, 01.2011-12.2013.


JOZIA. South African Musician. Management, 2016-2018.  ►


OH HOW BEAUTIFUL IS PANAMA. An exhibition within an exhibition,

Ethnological Museum in Zurich. Co-curation, 2016.


ZÜRI LITTÉRAIRE. Literature talk, monthly. Artistic director, 2012-2013.


SUMMER SOUNDS. Indie Music Festival, annual. Director, 2011-2014. 


KIND OF JAZZSwiss Jazz Concert Series, weekly. Director, 2011-2012.


MAKROConcerts Series in Zurich. Co-director, 2008.  

MIKROSeries with performances & concerts, monthly. Director, 2006-2011.

. Cinema in artist studio, weekly. Co-director, 2005-2010.


LYRIK AM FLUSS. Literature festival, annual. Co-director, 2002-2005

FESTIVAL DER KÜNSTE. Festival of the arts, 2 days. Co-director, 2002.


INDEXAuthors collective. Co-Founder, 2001.





Master of Arts BFH in Contemporary Arts Practice (CAP), Fine Arts,

Bern University of Arts


CAP Master Programme in Literary Writing, Literary Institute Biel / HKB


Degree HLM Philosophy and German, University of Zurich

Master of Arts UZH in Philosophy and German Literature, University of Zurich


Studies of Psychology, Intermediate diploma, University of Zurich



Work grant by the City of Zurich for Comploty


Ideation grant by Migros Kulturprozent for Comploty

Work grant by the City of Zurich for Comploty


City of Zurich Art Award for "No Show Museum – From Dada to Nada"


Award for Communication of Arts, Popkredit, City of Zurich


Swiss Art Award – Nomination


Werkpreis Kanton Zürich – Nomination    


1. prize winner, Fiction Contest of Solothurner Literaturtage    


Art grant for "intim.raum" by Vontobel Foundation


4 to 20 weeks:

Johannesburg (annually since 2014), Warsaw, Poland (2014, 2015), Cape Town, South Africa (2014), New York, USA (2013,2014), Yangon, Myanmar (2012), Beirut, Lebanon (2011), Ammann, Jordan (2011), Asmara, Eritrea (2009), Sanaa, Yemen (2009), Addis Abeba, Ethiopia (2009), Havanna, Cuba (2009), Bogotá, Columbia (2007), Calcutta, India (2005), Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2003), Mumbai, India (2002), Jakarta, Indonesia (2001), Delhi, India (2000), Buenos Aires, Argentina (1999), La Paz, Bolivia (1999), Kuala Lumur, Malaysia (1996), Melbourne, Australia (1996)